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23 Years of Sales

Unique Local Real Estate Knowledge

RE/MAX REALTORS® have unique market insight based upon years of collected local knowledge that is reviewed and updated annually, monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily in our local resort markets. Just ask any local Summit County RE/MAX REALTORS® - they know the market.

These charts show sales for residential (condos, homes, townhomes, duplexes) in Summit County from 2000 through 2022, along with any percentage compared to the previous year.

The Resort Real Estate Market 2000 - 2022

Breckenridge Frisco Silverthorne Dillon Keystone Copper

23 Years of Sales (2000 - 2022)
Residential Sales in Summit County: Residential Sales include Homes, Duplex Homes, Townhomes, and Condominiums.
Average Price: The Blue Bar in the above chart. The percentage on top of the Blue Bar is the prior year's average price change.
Number of Sales: The Red Line in the above chart. The percentage along the Red Line is the change in the Number of Sales from the prior year.
PDF of the Above Chart: Just Click Here.
Market Statistic Details: History of Sales & Average Sold Prices 2000 - 2022, Condominium Sales by Town, Single Family Home Sales by Town, Residential Sales by Town.,

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